The Birth of a Monster (Inferno)

from by Super!NOVA feat. Blue Cherry

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Why did you have to break me down?
What have you done to me?
Oh, my heart, it hurts, I’m bleeding
I will never be the same

But life goes on
I just won’t trust anyone again, no
No, I won’t be the weak one anymore
I’m strong

So I’ll become the heartless bitch everyone fears


Some people call me Snow Queen
Yeah, my heart is cold as ice
Everyone has committed their sins
And I will make them pay the price

I’ve fallen from Heaven,
I’ve lived in Hell
And I have known
The Seven Deadly Sins
And if you made me choose
Between good and evil
I’ve already made up my mind

It’s the birth of a monster
It’s the birth of an alien
I will be your master of darkness
And I’ll make you fall apart
It’s the birth of a monster
Such a terrible creature
Baby, I will conquer your heart
I’ll destroy your heart

You may think I’m just a girl
Only a little dead inside
I will make you fall in my trap
Yeah, I will make you mine



C’mon, boys!
Luxuria (Asmodeus),
Gula (Beelzebub),
Avaritia (Mammon),
Acedia (Belphegor) et
Ira (Satan),
Invidia (Leviathan),
Superbia (Lucifer)
Let’s show them the way to damnation


from LILITH, track released August 4, 2017
Written by: Daniel Sastre
Lyrics by: Daniel Sastre
Vocals by: Itziar Rodríguez
Produced by: Daniel Sastre




Super!NOVA Barcelona, Spain

Super!NOVA is the pseudonym of Spanish songwriter and amateur music producer Daniel Sastre. In this project, I will be collaborating with singer Itziar Rodríguer (under the name Blue Cherry). Our style is heavily influenced by eurobeat music, but also by other music genres such as italo disco or synthpop. ... more

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